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WhatsApp bulk Marketing service is proud to announce the launch of its new platform. The company’s new offering allows people to easily send messages to their customers easily with unlimited character and attached images and video options. For business, it’s now easier to send messages to their email list with the newest WhatsApp Marketing software. This new modern platform has the highest and top servers. You can send any media including text, voice, image, and video. The company is one of the few genuine bulk whatsapp service providers at the international level.

These days, WhatsApp application have penetrated the smartphone users in the European country by 90%. In estimate, there are 600 million active users of WhatsApp users worldwide. This trend has become prevalent for businesses to use bulk whatsapp marketing strategies to reach their potential clients. Instead of the traditional SMS service, which is limited to 160 characters, WhatsAPP bulk messaging software allow users to send more than 1000 characters per message with images, audio, or video. The convenience of sending longer messages with audio and video has made WhatsApp marketing system platform the best alternative to traditional SMS service.


WhatsApp Bulk Software was founded in 2014 to service WhatsApp users. The company is the first WhatsApp bulk software users considering the increase in your leads and conversion rates onto your marketing campaigns, short message, promotions, etc. WhatsApp marketing provides users the ability to create detailed contact lists of potential client’s mobile phone numbers and send messages with pictures, audio, or viral videos to almost unlimited number of people.


User Friendly WhatsApp bulk Marketing software


WhatsAPP Bulk Messaging Software is easy to use. Creating and saving contact lists is straightforward. Simple create a list of your contact groups such as your friends, relatives, and current customers and potential customers mobile numbers. Save the list and send bulk whatsapp messages to them anytime.


WhatsApp Marketing features clean multimedia message. Now, you can enjoy explaining your product or service to your current and potential clients by sending them, with 1000 characters messages with clear pictures, audio, or viral video. This is the solution you need if wish for your clients to understand you more.

With huge servers and best support team available 355 days 24hs by 7 days, you can have confidence that your message will be delivered to every member of your contact list. Besides, each time you send a whatsapp marketing campaign to your contact list – you will receive a report showing a detailed data on the exact number of people who received your text message (SENT, RECEIVED, SENT and FAILED Stadistics)

It doesn’t matter if you do not have mobile phone numbers of potential clients. This newest Bulk WhatsApp service will provide you with a ready and categorized list of contact group, so you can buy databases for mobile worldwide. Sign Up Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for FREE and get 50 messages as DEMO Account.

Whatsapp Bulk

How businesses are benefitting from whatsapp marketing software?

Majority of the most significant business strategies today are built to target customers at the right spot. It is all about being present where your prospects are spending most of their time. This is why you see more and more companies focusing more energy on making their business app-centric. This game plan has worked more often than not.

One of the most interesting ways of exploiting this potential is Whatsapp marketing. This highly convenient messaging app has become quite a weapon for all kinds of businesses because it allows you to send bulk whatsapp messages in one go. With more than one billion active users, the potential is undoubtedly huge and that’s what smart business owners are not in a mood to ignore. The watsapp marketing software is the best when it comes to sending across messages to a large target audience.


What makes whatsapp bulk messaging software such an effective marketing tool?

  • All its users are totally hooked to the app. There’s every chance they’ll listen to you if you share something there.
  • Whatsapp allows multimedia transfer conveniently. The image of your product can reach your audience in no time at all.
  • Quick Communication. Customers enjoy the fact that they’re able to get personalized responses to their queries quickly.
  • It’s free. As of now, it is managing to stay free for its users.
  • Group Communication. Bulk whatsapp software is great if you wish to send marketing information to several people in one go. The whatsapp bulk software is quick and easy. Besides, it gives you responses only from interested leads and not just automatically generated e-mails.

Users are turning to whatsapp for ordering everything from food to high end jewelry and enjoying every bit of it. With high resolution images and videos transferred in just a snap, it gets easier for sellers to promote their products in the best possible way. Even though Whatsapp doesn’t allow commercial use as per its policy, the trend does not seem to stop. Several business owners have expressed how they’ve transformed their activities using this amazing platform. Interestingly, many of them also feel that this move was not strategized solely by them; in fact, it was their customer base which drove it. Most of their customers found it convenient to enquire and often shop using their Whatsapp account, they just followed the lead.

Through whatsapp bulk message marketing, you can make most of this trend to take your revenue to the next level. Based in UK, WhatsAppMarketing was initiated in 2013 as the very first, well recognized bulk whatsapp marketing software. Since then, many manufacturers, enterprises and store-owners have utilized it to increase their sales dramatically. Our bulk whatsapp software campaigns are designed to make compelling contacts with your targets and increase your lead conversion ration immensely. With WhatsApp bulk messaging software, you can do much more than an ordinary account. All its services and packages are designed keeping the business generation factors in mind. If you want to increase your potential customers, get your watsapp bulk sms software today.

Four ways to use whatsapp for business

The social whatsapp messaging app has gained immense popularity across the globe. More than half a billion people are using whatsapp today extensively for social communication. It is not just messaging that is the only use of whatsapp, people also use it on regular basis for sharing photographs and videos. It is so popular that people from all economic categories are using it for various purposes.


With as many as half billion people on whatsapp, it has become very rewarding business opportunity for owners of business. How convenient it would be if you were able to reach your customers via few taps. This is exactly the opportunity that whatsapp has for business owners. With whatsapp marketing software business owners can create amazing opportunities for increasing their profitability.

Here are four most amazing ways to use whatsapp for business in a profitable way:

  • Online store :

    From sending the pictures of your products like clothing, gadgets, grocery items to service details of cab or AC repair, whatsapp allows you to create an online store. The benefit of whatsapp store is that you can reach each and every customer in a personalized way. And the task is simplified further by whatsapp bulk software which allows you to send multiple messages in one go. You can create a broadcast list and send images and videos and text to the entire list in one go through the bulk whatsapp software.

  • Customer support :

    Because of its wider reach, whatsapp can be used as a great tool for customer support. Sending complaints and messages on whatsapp is much simpler than calling the help desk or toll free number. And then you can send whatsapp bulk messaging to large number of customers facing similar kind of issues without any hassles. You can also offer consultation for your products and services on whatsapp and it can be done in an easy way through whatsapp marketing software.

  • Marketing and Promotion :

    Whatsapp marketing software can be a very strong marketing tool if utilized efficiently. Spamming customers with whatsapp bulk messaging is also not a good idea. You need to be smart enough to send useful information to customers along with the products and services in an intelligent way. Whatsapp bulk messaging software makes it very convenient for people to deliver the messages in an easy and efficient manner. You can market your products and send promotional messages through bulk whatsapp software.

  • Team communication :

    For a business to function efficiently and grow at the same time, internal communication is very important. A good communication platform for team within the business is that which send messages swiftly and also allows them to create better communication approach. This is possible with whatsapp and even if the size of any team is as big as 400-500 members, communication can remain as effective and easy through the whatsapp bulk message software. Through the bulk whatsapp software, it is possible for businesses to make the most of every opportunity.

With such amazing benefits of whatsapp marketing software, it is possible for people to convert their business into a profitable venture.

The new age marketing tool-Whatsapp

We are living in a tech savvy world where everything is online. Whether we want to talk to friends, or we want to go shopping, or we want to buy grocery, or we want to book a cab; everything is happening online. No matter what your age is, whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties, everything in the online world has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

We have Facebook to be openly social about everything and we have whatsapp when we want to talk to someone separately. Infact according to a recent research, whatsapp has become the most popular social networking app being used by the people for their regular and personal conversations. With Facebook having its eyes on whatsapp, it is pretty much clear that how much popular this social networking platform is and how much people love it. This is where the opportunity lies and any business can benefit from whatsapp bulk messaging software.


Because whastapp is quite popular amongst masses, it is pretty much evident that it is a big opportunity for businesses if they want to make the most out of it. Infact many businesses have been able to benefit and multiply their profits through the exclusive whatsapp messaging software.

Here are some of the reasons why any business should opt for marketing through whatsapp messaging software:

  • Expansive reach :

    Almost all the people today have a smart phone and it is very rare that a smart phone user will not have whatsapp installed in the phone. This makes it easier for businesses to reach a wide customer base quite easily and conveniently. With just few clicks people are able to send their messages to large number of people through bulk whatsapp software.

  • Better customer service :

    A common problem with many online marketing softwasres is that it is not possible to get early notifications which cause a delay in the response to customers. However with whatsapp marketing it is very convenient to address customer queries. The message from the customer reaches you right away and you are able to respond back immediately. All that is required is an internet connection.

  • Lead generation :

    A unique feature in whatsapp allows you to create a group and you can have as many people you wish to in your group. This makes it easier for any business to broadcast messages to large number of people and allows them to notice the customer response. When people in a specific whatsapp group like something, they ask you to add their friends and family to that group as well. This makes lead generation easy for the business owners and results are profiting. With marketing software like whatsapp bulk messaging, you can quickly send bulk whatsapp messages to large number of people right away.

  • So when whatsapp bulk software can reduce your worries to nothing, there is no reason that you should not be using it. You can send whatsapp bulk sms, you can communicate effectively and improve your client servicing. Send bulk whatsapp messages and get your business to the potential customers in just few seconds.

Businesses that have found an exciting platform in Whatsapp

There is an interesting shift happening in the way small and medium businesses are promoting their products, connecting with their audiences and making sales. A lot of sellers have now started putting Whatsapp to action for executing their most critical function by sending bulk whatsapp messages and the results have been phenomenal. A few years back, nobody would have thought that a messaging app like Whatsapp can turn into a revenue generation stream for businesses through a concept as creative and useful as whatsapp marketing software. But the way things have panned out; it has captured every business’ attention.


What are the things which make it so useful for enhancing businesses?

  • Users like spending a lot of their time on the app. That’s why sellers are increasing their presence on Whatsapp. This way they are able to send bulk whatsapp to large number of customers in one go. With millions of users reading your messages, the chances to generate genuine leads increase dramatically and this is the reason precisely as to why more and more number of business owners are turning to whatsapp marketing software for reaching their target customer base.
  • It’s quick and easy. Most users will find it easier to open a message than an e-mail which is why the whatsapp bulk messaging software is conveniently popular. Business owners also enjoy the ease with which they can reach their users with short and compelling information.
  • Huge User-Base. There are billions of users who actively stay on Whatsapp throughout the globe and that’s another reason why companies benefit from the whatsapp bulk sms software drastically.
  • Easy Transmission. Images, videos, graphics and what not. Sellers can position their product in the most effective ways possible through the app.
  • Here is a list of a few businesses which have prospered tremendously with the use of Whatsapp:

    • Food:Even though there are multiple other food ordering apps but nothing beats a mouth-watering image of your favorite food item right in your Whatsapp window. Furthermore, making it personalized for a set of users will give even better outcomes. Several eatery owners have felt that their orders have increased ever since they’ve started this practice. Many users find the images too hard to resist even if they don’t have any particular plans to order.
    • Clothing:Just when you’re about to start shopping for that special occasion, you get a Whatsapp image of a beautiful model wearing the dress that will make you look stunning. The outcome; you want to order it right away, even before you explore other shopping apps. This psychological reaction is reason enough for business owners to go full force in utilizing the app. No wonder clothing is one of the industries which have benefitted the most out of whatsapp bulk software marketing.
    • Property:People who don’t like browsing through the internet using a computer, will find it much easier to look at options at their cell phone. Even if a minimal number of leads are generated, the company makes huge earnings through this inexpensive medium. With that standpoint, it is an exciting opportunity and you should be using the whatsapp bulk software.
    • Jewelry:Several merchants have started using this platform for establishing personalized communication with their buyers. Knowing their preferences and ideas becomes really easy when they have such flow of messages between them. Besides, they also leverage the use of high resolution images to make significant impacts.
    • So stop thinking and get your business reach maximum users through the exclusive whatsapp bulk sms software.

Remarkable Benefits of WhatsApp for Businesses

Since Facebook bought the instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ for $19 billion last year, it has been getting a lot of media attention. With around half a billion regular active users, no wonder it is the best platform for the corporate world to promote their business. Installing this software is a great way for businesses to communicate with the potential customers and vice-versa. The aspects that make it the most preferred software for business is its speed, efficiency and free to use. Today, it has become the most popular marketing tool for many businesses. There are many additional benefits, you can reap with Whatsapp marketing software.


  • Remarkable Marketing Tool: WhatsApp can be the most useful promoting tool for your business as it can help you to publicize your brand, services, and products, communicate with your purchasers, report new offers and ensure deals. This also allows small and medium companies to enhance client experience and upgrade their customer base extensively. To make this strategy successful, you need two crucial things, a right business plan and contact numbers of your targeted customers. Other than this, this app allows you to send bulk messages, videos, and audio in a single go.
  • Improve Customer Service: WhatsApp allows you to improve customer service by connecting you to a wide number of clients and customers. By incorporating this tool into your marketing strategy, you can undoubtedly increase your customer base who are using WhatsApp on their mobiles. This is an easy communication tool that is very helpful for businesses.
  • Improve Employee Communication: WhatApp is highly used in many corporate sectors for communicating with the employees. From motivation message to discussion on some project, this tool makes everything easy and simple.

Today for all intents and purposes a wide range of companies need to enhance their communication with existing clients or potential future clients. The greater part of these organizations are attempting to capture the attention of customers on the grounds that there is plenty of data and competition today. Also, more mobiles and tablets are being used, so organizations need to set up a technique for mobile communication with their clients.

With WhatsApp, reaching out to your targeted customers has become quicker than ever. It allows you to broadcast messages to your targeted audience within a few minutes. Whether you are introducing a new product or service, with this app you can publicised your business quickly among potential buyers. Last but not the least, this free marketing tool is very convenient and allows you to enhance the features of mobile CRM by collaborating with team members, closely tracking opportunities and exchanging crucial information like customer needs, pricing and other insights.

If you are creative and know how to take advantage of this tool, then this can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Moreover, it can promote your services, products, promote deals, close sales and interact with your customers, increasing the visibility of your brand across a wider audience.

Effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing as Compared to other Marketing Options Available

Whatsapp is the most popular communication tool that allows you to send audio/video files, pictures, and text messages quickly across the distinct networks, throughout the world. There is no denying that this app has revolutionized the messaging system on mobile devices. There are a few variants that make it an effective marketing tool. These variants are Whatsapp bulk marketing tools and WhatsApp marketing tools. These are similar to traditional WhatsApp messaging, enabling users to share video, audio files, images with a number of friends and other at one go.

WhatsApp Marketing VS. Social Media Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is a better platform than Social Media Marketing that has been the vital tool for many online advertisers for over 10 years now. The reason is the speed at which WhatsApp can send the promotional content. Just like social networking content, WhatsApp marketing software allows you to send bulk Whatsapp messages, video recordings, sound recordings or pictures, or content or a mix of any of these. WhatsApp marketing is a better option because it makes the content less demanding. Similar to social media, the WhatsApp bulk message sender can likewise create groups. These groups play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of the business and have taken place over conventional Social Media Marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing VS. Conventional texting tool

When it comes to conventional marketing with texting, it is complicated to type a long promotional message and then merge it with the phone numbers available. The number of stored or managed contacts are limited and contacting random people need more manual work.


There is no doubt that Whatsapp is a great Buzz Marketing tool available today. You can find an array of companies that offer advanced WhatsApp bulk messaging software, allowing you to reach your existing customers and prospects, using broadcast bulk WhatsApp message in a single go. This software has been designed to reach maximum users and you can use this app without any limitations. It also gives you the power to explore the opportunities available.

If you are looking to send pictures, audio files or your message to a large number of people then this versatile app is for you. The WhatsApp bulk software allows you to transfer bulk files to your clients by using a simple software.

By using WhatsApp bulk messaging software, you can cut your phone bills to a large extent. The text message limit is 160 characters and if it exceeds the limit, then you have to pay for the second message as well. However, this is not an issue with WhatsApp bulk software, as it allows you to send media files and text according to your needs. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk message service, you will get 1000 characters for each message, which you can join with the picture, sound, or video to show to your clients your offers, products, services, and so forth. Additionally, you don’t have to stay wakeful at night, sending bulk messages manually. Not any more short messages that cost high. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk message software, you just pay once to set up your own system and you’re ready to go.

5 Advantages of Using Whatsapp at Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp is a world famous mobile messaging app that needs no introduction. This application was launched in 2009 and has gained recognition because of its amazing features like sending free media and bulk texts for free. In 2014, it grabs the attention of many entrepreneurs when Facebook purchased it for $19 billion.whatsapp_2

Since the interest of many businesses in different Whatsapp marketing solutions, for example, Bulk Whatsapp software has fundamentally expanded over the time with the widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing, it is inescapable that numerous Whatsapp Marketing providers will likewise exploit this pattern and create other Whatsapp marketing solutions.

Today, this Viral marketing technique and taken place over traditional social media marketing. As everyone uses mobile phones, it becomes easy for marketers to reach their targeted audience by sending them promotional messages, video or audio files.

5 Advantages of Using Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

  • Access Any WhatsApp Number Globally – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to connect with other WhatsApp user, regardless of the location. This will catch the attention and pull the customers to purchase and invest in the products and services of your brand.
  • You can Send Sound, Video files and Pictures through WhatsApp – Whatsapp Marketing software can help you to create a successful marketing campaign and grab the attention of your clients. It empowers the clients to send messages with content, sound, picture and video, allowing you to better showcase your creativity, imparting your marketing effort to your crowd.
  • Get WhatsApp Replies – This element permits you to compare and monitor about what Marketing campaign works superior to the others through the sort of response that you will get with this Bulk Whatsapp software.
  • Digitalized Marketing – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software enables you to automate your messages and permit you to get control over it. By programming your Whatsapp Marketing campaign occasionally, you allow the software to do the pending work!
  • Affordable – When it comes to advertising your brand, every entrepreneur seeks ways to minimize the marketing expense. The bulk WhatsApp software provides the most effective strategy and helps you to reduce the expense of your marketing strategy.

This software not only enables you to send bulk messages to other users but also help you to create WhatsApp marketing campaigns, giving value of your marketing campaign. Today, WhatsApp has become an easy means to get in touch with family and friends, both nationally and internationally. Currently, it is the most effective and innovative marketing tool used for business promotion. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Strategy is used to promoting your business and creating a strong connection between you and your potential customers.


In today’s competitive world, there are an array of software available used for business or brand promotion. However, if you are looking for a genuine and result-oriented software then there is no other better option than WhatsApp bulk Software. This innovative software has taken place of Social Media Marketing to a large extent and therefore, has become a foremost choice of many business across the world.

WhatsApp Bulk Message Software- For A Revolutionalized Marketing Strategy

In today, fast running world, everyone is in a rush and have no time to look around. The only thing that follows us all day along is the mobile phones. This small device has captured the whole world into it. Whether you are looking for some information, exploring online stores for shopping or whatever, you can get everything accessible on this internet enabled small device. The use of this device is not just restricted to this, but there are so many applications available, which are used by businesses as a great promotional tool. WhatsApp is a well-known cross-platform used by many people across the world. The easy to use application and a tool of B2C mobile marketing strategy enable you to send images, video/audio files, and messages, both nationally and internationally. For the last few years, it has been used as an effective tool for business promotion. The bulk WhatsApp software enables you to send promotional messages and images in bulk.

WhatsApp bulk message software has grabbed the attention of many small businesses and large enterprises. With this software, you can get in touch with your potential customers easily. You just need the contact numbers and you can send your promotional message in one go. Moreover, the blue tick enables you to know if your customers read your message or listen to your audio or watch your video or not! WhatsApp marketing has no doubt become an effective means of sending massive amounts of WhatsApp messages to your targeted customers.


The WhatsApp marketing software is compatible with all smartphone platforms such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia. You can send images of your latest products, coupons, and other deals directly to your customers on their mobile phone. You can also send GPS location of your store to the customers. Moreover, it supports a wide range of languages like English, French, Hindi etc.

When a world-popular brand like Facebook had turned attention towards the messaging app like Whatsapp, you can expect how this can be so useful for businesses. This is one of the most effective Mobile Marketing Strategies out there for businesses, which includes lesser endeavors to get the message over. Advertisers had used messages and social networking websites to speak with their clients and this simple application collaborate with the clients with only a cell phone. Like the social networks, Whatsapp enables you to do content informing alongside pictures and recordings which are too great to overlook for advertisers. Not at all like Social systems, endeavors for making content is lesser and much less demanding with Whatsapp.


WhatsApp Marketing provides a channel to reach your customers using bulk WhatsApp messages. This offers you the right strategy to market your products and connects with the people across the world. Whatsapp Marketing has ended up being a boon for small businesses who go for cutting expenses at each progression and receive cheap practices. To run a marketing campaign on Whatsapp, you should understand what your customers needs and react to the messages immediately.

Widen your audience by using WhatsApp marketing services

In a competitive market, it has become vital for any business organization to use innovative marketing tools to promote their businesses and widen its audience. The power of the internet has allowed these businesses to connect with their clients through mobile marketing. Of all the popular messaging application, WhatsApp is leading this messaging battle.

It is beneficial to use WhatsApp marketing services. These services use their wide range of databases to raise and support your business growth. These provide facilities such as –

  • Ease of use – People regularly use their mobiles to communicate with anyone, anywhere, instantly and reaching them is a not big task if using one the most popular Medias for communication.
  • Personalized message – The power of creativity and art in one’s message changes the outlook of a customer towards the company. Being able to personalize your message by adding images, videos, or posters for instance, changes the effectiveness of the message.
  • Unlimited message length – Unlike SMS, the service provides virtually no limit to your message length.
  • On Demand Self Service – Maintaining your own database, networks and contacting your clients and getting delivery reports as well as securing your data, it boosts simplicity and flexibility of the service.

Being available for almost all mobile platforms, every second the total users joining WhatsApp is increasing and being able to contact them with just WhatsApp marketing services simplifies the relationship between clients and business and is a lot easier than appointing a whole department to do the same.