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Resellers API WhatsApp Marketing

Our Bulk WhatsApp platform offers a competitive service for Resellers, the ability to include our bulk system to a CRM, ERP or any web or mobile development.API Documentation should be studied before buying a Reseller Package.

 Buy Resellers Credits Ask your special access to a sales representative, for access this private section and a list of prices for resellers.


  1. Buy the minimum package of 50,000 credits messages
  2. Your  own White Label platform for sub-users (Aditional cost)
  3. A must purchase a minimum of 20,000 messages per month
  4. Reseller ACCOUNT could be SUSPENDED If you dont buy 20.000 messages per month.

Resellers Speed

Quantity: 100,000 text messages + image attach

Delivery speed = 6 hours / 360 minutes / 21,600 seconds

– 277 messages every minute / 60 seconds – 5 messages every second

If you want to study our API HTTP webservice DOCUMENTATION

  1. To use API to send via HTTP : use this URL :,628979991113&msg=Test_Message


n_user_id and passkey is as defined above, campaign is defined as ‘default’ or custom value if have asked dedicated campaign (Is a different cost) n_media_id = 1 for text message, n_media_id = 2 for Multimedia ID (message with http url for media)

IMPORTANT: The API documentation works associated only with an API LICENSE KEY that will be sent once you purchase a 10,000 messages credits package.

New characteristics at WhatsAppMarketing: A campaign consist of:
  • Profile Picture (Custom)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Support 24×7, 353 days a year
  • Skype Chat (Spain Time)
  • Credits never expire
  • Purchase credits with Invoice
  • Unlimited Sendings

Bulk whatsapp messages (Text Messages/Audio/Video/Photos/vCard)

  1. A message TEXT + IMAGE = 1 credit
  2. A message text + VIDEO TEXT message = 1 credit
  3. A TEXT Message = 1 credit
  4. A single VIDEO message = 2 credits messages
  5. An IMAGE message = 1 credit message
  6. A VCARD + IMAGE + TEXT message = 1 credit


Current payment methods are:

Bank transfer, Visa, Master cards and PayPal accounts.

In order to purchase credits, please register and sign in now. Pay using Paypal, or make a bank transfer and fill in the form in purchase page after signing in.

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