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WhatsApp bulk Marketing service is proud to announce the launch of its new platform. The company’s new offering allows people to easily send messages to their customers easily with unlimited character and attached images and video options. For business, it’s now easier to send messages to their email list with the newest WhatsApp Marketing software. This new modern platform has the highest and top servers. You can send any media including text, voice, image, and video. The company is one of the few genuine bulk whatsapp service providers at the international level.

These days, WhatsApp application have penetrated the smartphone users in the European country by 90%. In estimate, there are 600 million active users of WhatsApp users worldwide. This trend has become prevalent for businesses to use bulk whatsapp marketing strategies to reach their potential clients. Instead of the traditional SMS service, which is limited to 160 characters, WhatsAPP bulk messaging software allow users to send more than 1000 characters per message with images, audio, or video. The convenience of sending longer messages with audio and video has made WhatsApp marketing system platform the best alternative to traditional SMS service.


WhatsApp Bulk Software was founded in 2014 to service WhatsApp users. The company is the first WhatsApp bulk software users considering the increase in your leads and conversion rates onto your marketing campaigns, short message, promotions, etc. WhatsApp marketing provides users the ability to create detailed contact lists of potential client’s mobile phone numbers and send messages with pictures, audio, or viral videos to almost unlimited number of people.


User Friendly WhatsApp bulk Marketing software


WhatsAPP Bulk Messaging Software is easy to use. Creating and saving contact lists is straightforward. Simple create a list of your contact groups such as your friends, relatives, and current customers and potential customers mobile numbers. Save the list and send bulk whatsapp messages to them anytime.


WhatsApp Marketing features clean multimedia message. Now, you can enjoy explaining your product or service to your current and potential clients by sending them, with 1000 characters messages with clear pictures, audio, or viral video. This is the solution you need if wish for your clients to understand you more.

With huge servers and best support team available 355 days 24hs by 7 days, you can have confidence that your message will be delivered to every member of your contact list. Besides, each time you send a whatsapp marketing campaign to your contact list – you will receive a report showing a detailed data on the exact number of people who received your text message (SENT, RECEIVED, SENT and FAILED Stadistics)

It doesn’t matter if you do not have mobile phone numbers of potential clients. This newest Bulk WhatsApp service will provide you with a ready and categorized list of contact group, so you can buy databases for mobile worldwide. Sign Up Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for FREE and get 50 messages as DEMO Account.

Whatsapp Bulk

Why You Need WhatsApp Marketing? Effective WhatsApp Bulk messages

WhatsAPP Marketing is the newest WhatsApp bulk messaging software provider. Launched on December 19, 2014, the bulk WhatsAPp message software great suability and modern design allow you to send WhatsApp messages to your contact lists without the hassle of using your smartphone app. WhatsApp Marketing presents to you WhatsApp bulk messaging software that enables you to send SMS, contact files, pictures, audio, and video to any phone number of your WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsAPP Marketing services


Now, you can reach your prospects and existing customers using your mobile app and broadcast bulk WhatsApp message in a single click of a button. The platform offers you with international bulk messages thru whatsapp. The company’s software was designed to reach WhatsApp users globally without a limit in the number contacts you can send SMS. The company’s WhatsAPPMarketing messaging software gives you the power to open up yourself to the world of opportunities available. Use WhatsApp Marketing to target potential customers in any area, city, street, town, or geographical locations.


Send images, audio files, and videos with our platform to WhatsApp users using the mobile application. The company’s WhatsAPP bulk messaging software allows users to upload pictures, audio, or viral video of your choice from the easy to use software panel. Once you uploaded the media files, you can send the message across unlimited contacts.  While it’s possible to send media files via WhatsApp, it is a tiresome job. Just imagine sending pictures, videos, and audio files automatically using your WhatsApp application? The WhatsAppMarketing solution can do this, so you can send bulk messages easily.


With the company’s WhatsApp bulk messaging software, you can reduce your bills. With this solution, you no longer need to rely on your paid SMS marketing campaign, which is limited to 160 characters per SMS. Once you reached 160 characters, you need to pay for another text message. Not only this cost you on sending bulk SMS, but also confusing on the part of the receiver of your message as 160 characters is not enough to explain your service.


WhatsApp Marketing international bulk messages services; you have 1000 characters available for every message, which you can attach with picture, audio, or video to explain to your customers your offers, service, products, etc. Also, you don’t need to stay awake at night sending bulk messages manually. Simple set the campaign one time and send your message to your contact list automatically. No more short messages that cost high. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk messaging software, you only pay once to setup your own system and you’re ready to go.

Signup with WhatsApp marketing today for free and get 50 messages as free balance. Once you have your own account, you can have access to the latest and most modern international bulk messages thru whatsapp services available.

News: WhatsApp marketing in Brazil and USA takes off

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging service which lets you send messages from your mobile device without having to pay for SMS messages. WhatsApp marketing is the latest big thing in the mobile marketing and we design a  bulk messaging system to send out multiple messages to all your customers at once. WhatsApp application is available on iPhone, Android Blackberry, Windows phone and more which makes it extremely accessible to all.

There are half a billion people across the world who now use WhatsApp and the fastest growing countries to use it are Brazil, Mexico, Russia and India as SMS messages in those countries are very expensive. WhatsApp users share 700 million photos and over 100 million videos every day so WhatsApp as a marketing platform is an obvious solution.

Here are some stats for you:

  • 37% of people across the world are using smartphones to read news and 20% are using tablets.
  • 20% say the mobile is their main way of accessing online news, this rises to 30% for people less than 45 years old.
  • Smartphones are still being used mainly by younger people. Tablets are used equally through age groups.
  • 37% access one news source weekly on a smartphone and 30% do the same on computer (in the UK it’s 55% versus 45%).

Consumers in Finland, Denmark, and United Kingdom choose brand first when it comes to accessing news online, closely followed by search and social In other countries there is much more of a mix. In France, Germany, United States, Italy, and Brazil, search is the first avenue for news. Facebook is also very popular for news and many people use it for news only here are some figures for countries across the world:

  • Brazil 67%
  • Italy 57%
  • Spain 50%
  • USA 37%

New platforms are emerging and messaging applications are being used for news more and more frequently e.g. WhatsApp:

  • 26% Spain
  •  15% Brazil
  • 13% Japan.

In the United States WhatsApp is still very popular because it provides free international messaging, but as many wireless carriers provide messaging for free in their data plans, it is being used less. In countries like Brazil, India, Russia and Spain, SMS is still very expensive and people use WhatsApp as an affordable and more feature-rich option for mobile messaging

It could be argued that the sole reason to think about what WhatsApp means for customer service is that with a reported 450 million active users WhatsApp has almost double Twitter’s 230 million active users. In this day and age marketers can’t afford to miss opportunities to connect with millions of customers.

WhatsApp Marketing was founded in 2014 and is the first platform for bulk messaging. WhatsApp users should think about how you could increase your customer base and leads in your Online Marketing Campaign. The opportunity for unlimited customer potential is out there so now could be the time to jump on board.

You can increase your number of potential clients or leads and send messages in bulk via WhatsApp Marketing by SHOUT!

Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp, as we all know, is an amazing free messenger service, available to everyone who has a smartphone and the internet. The latest big thing in Marketing is WhatsApp Marketing, it is taking the world by storm. But unlike Email Marketing, WhatsApp messages can only be sent one at a time….or can they?

There are ways to send bulk messages, the same as with emails, via WhatsApp with a bulk scheduler service. We at WhatsApp Marketing can help you to get your message out to ALL your customers at once, or in groups, to make sure that no one misses out on your products, special offers and giveaways. Email Marketing is old school compared with the instant communication that Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing can offer. WhatsApp isn’t going away any time soon, it is only going to get bigger so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to market your business.

Great Reasons for using Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing:

  • Smartphone usage- 91% of mobile users keep their phones with them at all times, marketers should focus on this because they can reach their clients any time in any place around the world.
  • WhatsApp can guarantee delivery of your campaign messages directly to your customers.
  • Your customers can reply to you directly and instantly giving you feedback in real-time to help you to manage and improve your campaign.
  • You can easily and simply attach images and video to your marketing messages to reach your customers for an even greater impact.

This service was designed for marketers and business owners who need to send bulk WhatsApp messages or marketing campaigns to a targeted audience. Mobile marketing campaigns such as WhatsApp Marketing enable businesses to send photos and videos with a single click to thousands of WhatsApp users.

Here are some statistics for WhatsApp users worldwide:

  • 600 million people use WhatsApp
  • 70% of those people use WhatsApp every day
  • 1 million new WhatsApp users register every day
  • 19 billions WhatsApp messages are sent each day
  • Every day 700 million photos are sent via WhatsApp
  • Every day 200 million voice messages are sent via WhatsApp
  • Every day 100 million video messages are sent via WhatsApp

If you haven’t jumped on the WhatsApp bandwagon yet it may be time to give it a go, all you need is a database of customer phone numbers to be able to contact them instantly 24 hours a day. Unlike email marketing where people may or may not open your emails or they might not check their emails every day, most people have their smartphone by their side 24 hours a day so can be contacted immediately.

Contact us here at Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing to discuss your marketing strategy. We can help you to design your online marketing campaign and send out hundreds or thousands of marketing messages to a specially selected and targeted audience. WhatsApp is the most current marketing medium and those who don’t join in are missing out on a great opportunity.


WhatsApp hits 400 million active users

WhatsApp, the mobile messaging application, has achieved a milestone with a record of 400 million monthly active users.

In a blog post, CEO Jan Koum wrote,

“The start up has added 100 million new active users in the past four months”.

With an audience of 400 million people, WhatsApp is now one-third the size of Facebook, which has 1.2 billion users, the report declared.